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Hello! !

Allright this community has 1133 members thats a lot, tyvm; This community has been active since 2008-04-21; It has 337 Journal Entries; 331 Tags; 1 maintainer and that's me. I did this community because i wanted to share my icons with everyone but i also wanted a makers team so i have it; i couldn't ask for better makers.

And i don't have time at the moment to maintain this community, so im gonna close it, the community will be here im not gonna delete it.
Im gonna create another community but this time is by myself; im gonna pimp it later!

Makers tyvm =)

requests + more

hey guys!
pretty ugly batch =)


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liam > cute banana face

trial post three.

hey, i'm so proud, i can't believe i made it before the trial deadline ! =D anyway,  i wanted to thank you for privelige of being a trial maker here ! i hope i am accepted, but if not, thank you all again. ♥ i forgot to post banners last time, so you might recognize some of these from my last post. sorry about that ! enjoy. ♥ PUBLIC FOR THREE DAYS.


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